The Episcopal School “El Buen Pastor”, has come a long way since October 1984, when the retired teacher William J. Craigie (along with his wife Ms. June Craigie) and the Reverend Robert Carlson, led the Project of construction of the new school. For the academic organization, the Honduran teacher Lidia Ana de Alvarenga was hired, she had many years of experience on bilingual education.  She worked as principal and was also in charge of pre-school.

El Buen Pastor opened its doors with two students.  The school grew quickly and by January of 1985 it had 13 students, 6 in Kinder and 7 in Preparatory.  Due to its growth by 1989, the school needed to expand, and for this reason construction started.  Today, El Buen Pastor has 476 students and a group of buildings to gather them, a well-equipped Library, a modern cafeteria, and a bookstore where parents and students can purchase their school materials.

Faith and Perspective of the Episcopal Church

The faith and perspective of the Episcopal Church does not intend to “forge Episcopalians” out of the students. The perspective of the Episcopal Church includes respect for other religious traditions and even for those periods of life when a person is not identified with a particular tradition. It also does not mean that we try to answer all issues in life with religious language or that we begin our inquiries with a commitment to traditional answers.

What we do indeed believe is that God represents the foundation of all truth and the source of all love. Seeking truth and striving for deeper and more caring human relationships is what we believe in, seeking for God, no matter the way in which such efforts may be expressed.

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