34 years of prestige and excellence

El Buen Pastor is an institution with 34 years of educational experience in San Pedro Sula, the second major city in Honduras.

Founded in 1984, El Buen Pastor Episcopal School is an independent, SAIS accredited school, with an academic offer from Pre-K through the eleventh grade. We have earned a reputation over the years, based on academic excellence, education with Christian principles and moral values. Since we have a small student population, we can provide personalized attention differentiating us from our closest competitors.

Since 2002, El Buen Pastor started the 2 section per grades levels structure, beginning with Kinder, and opening a new one as the grade moved up. Now we have 2 sections of each grade from Kinder to 10th.

Competitively we are positioned among the top five schools in our city accredited by ABSH in San Pedro Sula and SAIS in Atlanta, Georgia.

El Buen Pastor is committed to create a diverse and inclusive community based on respect towards race, nationality, religion, gender, socioeconomic status, age and special needs. Our philosophy is based on Christian and moral values and an integral academic training that helps our learners to develop a critical, creative and proactive character, to positively contribute to the various settings in which they interact.