Captive Portal 
(Wireless Internet)

  1. All the wireless networks in the institution (EBP-XXXX) will have the password previously shared.
  2. Once connected to the wireless network your phone/tablet will automatically request you to sign in.
    (Presionar en esta notificación si es necesario).captive2
  3. Then, a window will be opened in your default browser.

    In case you have the option, its preferably to open with the default Android or Iphone web browsers since sometimes Chrome or Firefox might not display your login site.


  4. Finally the Captive Portal will be shown, where it’s necessary to input your user and password to have internet access.
    captive portal domain!
  5. When your credentials are correct, the captive portal will take you to our school website, confirming that you have internet access now. captive4.jpg


  • Once connected, you will have internet access for 480 minutes.
  • You can connect just one device with your account.
  • If the device is inactive for more than 60 mins in the network it’s necessary to input your credentials again.
  • All the content in the network its monitored and audited. Your account can be blocked due to multiple network policy infractions. (Attemps to access blocked sites and web content, excessive bandwith consumption, etc).
Captive Portal
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